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Meet the CEO 


Alex Blair was born and raised in Brazil studying Geology at the University Federal of Ceará. Shortly after, she pursued her scholastic endeavors and studied English at the West Sussex University in England. In the US - Alex returned to work in 2007 for the Brazilian oil company Petrobras America. Alex is a loving mother of two amazing kids.

Philanthropic efforts play a crucial role in Alex’s life; a former Recipe for Success Foundation board member, 2015 Fashion Gene Award, Let the Fashion Begin benefiting the Texas Children's Hospital, Global Committee Member and Global Honoree for iWrite, a SouthWest board member in Unicef and she chaired a breakfast to benefit Fund for Teachers.

As a lover of fashion, Alex has been featured on many occasions as one of the bells of the ball for the HGO Ball and Culture Map style files and other Houston-based magazines.

In 2022, Alex took over the leadership role in the Heels and Horsepower women's car organization - reinventing the road for the next generation of Houston area women car enthusiasts. 

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