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Meet the Founder


With over 20 years of experience in the luxury automotive industry, Diane Caplan turned her lifelong passion into a career and represents some of the world's most iconic automotive brands from Ferrari and Bugatti, to Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Rimac.

As a woman in the auto industry, Diane has always strived to see more women in the industry and behind the wheel of the cars she represented. In 2018 Diane launched the idea of an over-the-top event bringing in Supercar Blondie to help kick off her vision of an exclusive supercar club just for women. 

The club grew from Houston and throughout Texas, however, in 2020 Diane decided to slow down her hectic life and moved to Tulum Mexico, which came at the same time as the pandemic. With events stopping worldwide, the Heels and Horsepower events were paused until 2022 when fellow member Alex approached Diane in taking over the club and relaunching this exclusive club of awesome women.

Diane remains an active presence with the club and is thrilled to support Alex with her vision and attend future events when in town.

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